The Anne Brower School

Meet the Director

As Director of Curriculum at The Anne Brower School, Mrs. Cheryl Boccard is committed to serving the children and families in our community. As an educator she understands the necessity of creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment where children will be exposed to a creative, unique and diversified curriculum. She helps to facilitate a strong and positive educational foundation for each child while stewarding the highest standards of excellence and integrity in childhood development.

As Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mrs. Boccard works directly alongside all class teachers to develop programs that ensure that NYS standards are met and the curriculum is age appropriate. The content and focus is compelling, engaging and in line with The Anne Brower School curriculum goals. Through schoolwide offered workshops and seminars, Mrs. Boccard focuses on continued and ongoing staff development to keep our elite educators current and informed. She and her team of teachers are devoted to the students and work tirelessly to best meet the needs of each child.

Mrs. Boccard has served the community as a sought after Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher, educating children for well over 30 years. Her goal is to have every child’s experience within her classroom be an exciting and enriching one. Care is taken to secure that the students are kept engaged while becoming prepared to meet the expectations of their future academic careers. In order to create a platform for success across the school, Mrs. Boccard believes in challenging each child at his or her own level to maximize the potential of each student. “I want to empower each child with the knowledge that they are the most amazing student, capable of learning anything!” Mrs. Boccard sets a strong foundation for learning while building confidence and self-esteem in her students. She sets an example for all of our esteemed educators at The Anne Brower School to follow and expand on.

One of the highlights of Mrs. Boccard’s success stems from her renowned reading readiness program. Known for preparing children with a strong foundation for future reading success, this program instills a life-long love of literature. She stimulates each child by immersing them in an engaging environment that incorporates and supports several different learning styles, recognizing the individual student’s needs.