The Anne Brower School

Pre-K 4's & K Ready Programs

Our focus each year is to build your child’s self esteem, confidence, and independence, as well as aiding in and enhancing each
child’s academic abilities. We will provide a positive school experience and set a strong foundation for learning. Our program uses
a “hands on” approach and is fully integrated. Each month your child will be introduced to a new unit, one that will incorporate all
the academic disciplines. Our students all gain an understanding of number concepts, one to one correspondence and
comparatives and related vocabulary.

We will nurture and satisfy your child's natural curiosity about the world around them. Science is explored, in part, through cooking, as an ideal method for measuring and identifying changes. We promote a basic development for reading and writing skill readiness. Learning the sound symbol connection (letter recognition with corresponding letter sound(s)) is even more fun with our “paper bag homework” and other age appropriate exercises. Fundamental fine motor skills develop as the children cut, paste, draw, crayon, paint and stencil.

We encourage free expression of feelings and emotions through the use of varied artistic media. We will apply our knowledge, commitment, and understanding to the development of your child. We are committed to preparing your child for Kindergarten as well as its curriculum standards as set forth by The New York State Board of Education.