The Anne Brower School is now using REMIND to provide all of our community members with up-to-the-minute information about our school.


In addition to sending reminders regarding Field Trips and other Special Events, we will alert you in real time to all:

  • Emergency School Closings
  • Weather Delays
  • Holiday School Closings


Our teachers at The Anne Brower School are now using REMIND to send classroom notices and information too! You will automatically be enrolled to receive alerts from your child’s teacher in addition to alerts from The Anne Brower School.


What is REMIND?

REMIND is a messaging platform that helps educators, students, parents and other users send quick, simple messages to any device.


How do I sign up?

The Anne Brower School will automatically register each family using the cell phone number provided on your child’s application. All personal contact information is kept private through REMIND which means your personal contact information will never be seen by any of the other participants in the group.


How do I receive messages?

You will receive a text alert on your cell phone with the intended message. If you prefer to receive messages via email, you can always change/update your preferences in the Settings tab.


How will I know if I’m signed up successfully?

You should receive two text alerts. The first text alert should read, “You have been added to The Anne Brower School with Lisa Marie George on Remind!” The second text alert should read “You have been added to [Child’s Class Name] with Remind!” Note: if you have more than one child enrolled in our program you will receive a text alert from each of their classes.