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About Our Preschool: The Anne Brower Difference

The Anne Brower School has been a mainstay of early childhood education in Huntington, NY since 1978. Step into our private preschool where every day is filled with discovery, creativity, and the joy of endless possibilities.

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At The Anne Brower School, we blend a warm, engaging environment with innovative education techniques to create a vibrant learning experience for children aged 18 months to 5 years.


Nestled in the scenic heart of Huntington, NY, our private preschool is a haven of creativity and exploration, where each child’s unique talents are celebrated and cultivated.


At our preschool, we lay the foundational stones for a lifelong love of learning, set within a joyous and caring community.

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Choosing Excellence: The TABS Experience

  • Fun and enriching activities

    Our activities engage your child’s imagination, foster their growth, and encourage their social development. Students also get a head start academically with our Full STEAM Ahead programming.

  • Active learning + loving care

    Our students learn through active exploration and interaction with their peers and supportive adults. Teachers at The Anne Brower School provide structure and a myriad of opportunities for fun!

  • Child-centered approach

    Children learn optimally when they’re given the freedom make use of their own particular gifts and move at their own pace. We build our students’ confidence and instill a lifelong love of learning.

  • Designed for busy families

    Our school offers flexible scheduling options and a variety supplemental programs to not only help enrich the minds and lives of our students, but to also accommodate the schedules of our families.

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Our Mission: Shaping Bright Futures

Our mission at The Anne Brower School is rooted in a commitment to kindle a sense of wonder in every young mind, guiding them with care and compassion. We believe in the transformative power of collaboration between families and educators, creating an environment where children feel cherished, confident, and eager to explore their academic curiosities. It’s this synergy, where collective efforts foster greater outcomes, that drives our dedication each day.


Our students’ creative spirits and unique personalities shine through every endeavor. To us, success comes when laughter blends with learning; when each child's individual journey is valued and supported.


Educational magic happens when our devoted staff provides individualized attention, love, and care in an idyllic school setting where every corner is thoughtfully designed to ensure safety, learning, and fun.


Understanding the diverse needs of our families is also central to our mission. We aim for a team approach, providing flexibility and support to align our programs with the busy schedules of our families.

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Bright Minds, Big Dreams: Our Students

Here at The Anne Brower School, we do more than just guide our students academically; we lovingly craft pathways to their brightest futures. Our unique ‘Full STEAM Ahead’ approach blends playful learning with key academic concepts, sparking a love for discovery in every area from science to the arts. We go beyond the basics, too — our nurturing educators are experts at uncovering and cultivating the special talents each child brings, building their confidence and joy in learning, every step of the way. It’s all about creating a happy, healthy foundation for lifelong success and smiles.

Children learn independence through engaging activities that encourage them to make choices, solve problems, and manage simple tasks on their own.

This development of self-reliance is crucial as it lays the foundation for confidence, decision-making skills, and the ability to navigate challenges in their future educational and personal lives.

At The Anne Brower School, children learn to:

Children gain self-awareness as they interact with peers and participate in varied activities, helping them understand their own emotions, preferences, and abilities.

This growth in self-awareness is essential, as it fosters a sense of identity and empathy, equipping them with the skills to navigate social relationships and personal challenges throughout their lives.

At The Anne Brower School, children learn to:

Our school offers a vibrant playground for creativity, where children engage in activities like art, storytelling, and imaginative play, sparking their innate ability to create and think critically.

This nurturing of creativity is vital, as it not only enriches their cognitive and emotional development but also instills a sense of innovation and problem-solving skills that will serve them in their academic careers.

At The Anne Brower School, children learn to:

our history

Celebrating Decades of Educational Excellence

The Anne Brower School, a center for innovative early childhood education in Huntington, began its journey in 1978 under the visionary leadership of Anne Brower.

For 37 years, Anne’s passion for integrative learning shaped the school into a beloved community pillar, going beyond traditional educational methods to embrace the holistic development of each child. Anne’s pioneering approach was centered on nurturing not just the mind but also the body and spirit of every child. Her legacy includes a vibrant curriculum infused with arts, music, sports, cross-cultural festivities, and even cooking classes for parents, all aimed at fostering a well-rounded preschool experience for the children.
In 2015, the stewardship of TABS was passed to Lisa Marie George, who brought her own style of dynamic educational practices while preserving the cherished community spirit of the school.

Embodying the ethos, “Once a part of the Anne Brower family, always a part of the Anne Brower family,” Lisa has continued to build on this legacy.

As an adept educator, Lisa introduced an array of modern educational programs at TABS, including project- and play-based learning, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) initiatives, and language instruction in both Spanish and American Sign Language.

Understanding the rhythms of contemporary parenting (herself a mother of three), Lisa has expanded the school’s offerings to include exciting educational programming beyond the traditional preschool hours.

our team

Passionate Educators, Inspiring Leaders

“Each day, our devoted teachers and administrators pour their hearts into creating a nurturing, engaging, and educational environment for every child.”

Welcome to The Anne Brower School, a place where education is not just about learning; it’s about heart, dedication, and community. As the Executive Director at TABS, I’m incredibly proud to introduce you to our outstanding team of educators and administrators who are the true essence of our school.

Every day, I’m inspired by the passion and commitment I see in our staff.

Our educators aren’t just teachers; they’re mentors, guides, and passionate professionals who bring a wealth of experience and love for teaching to their roles. Their dedication to fostering a warm, engaging, and enriching environment is what sets us apart and makes our approach to learning so effective and joyful. 

Our administrative team, too, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our school runs smoothly and that our educational ethos is reflected in everything we do.

I invite you to meet the remarkable individuals who make up our vibrant community of learning and discovery by visiting our staff page to learn more about the dedicated professionals who care for, inspire, and educate our children. Their stories are as inspiring as their commitment to your child’s success and happiness.

With warm regards,

Owner & Executive Director
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Explore Our Enchanting Educational Haven

At The Anne Brower School, nestled in the heart of Huntington, our 2.5-acre campus is a vibrant tapestry of learning, laughter, and exploration. As you step through our gates, you’re greeted by the charming elegance of our refurbished Victorian home and two sunlit, cozy cottages, each a welcoming haven of imagination and discovery. Our light-filled classrooms, brimming with laughter and learning, are thoughtfully designed to be both stimulating and secure, ensuring every child feels cherished and safe.

Our grounds are a child’s dream realized. Seven diverse playgrounds dot our serene, park-like surroundings, each inviting our young adventurers to engage in joyful, active play. From the dedicated toddler playground, bursting with fun and exploration, to the enchanting outdoor eating area perfect for sunny snack times, to the outdoor art studio where every child can find their inner Picasso, every space is crafted with love and safety in mind. It’s here that colors pop, laughter echoes, and little imaginations take flight.

Inside, creativity and curiosity come alive. Our arts and crafts areas buzz with artistic expression, while cozy gathering spaces become the heart of storytime magic and melodious sing-alongs. Young scientists delve into hands-on experiments, igniting a passion for discovery. Each classroom is a vibrant yet secure space, designed to inspire curiosity and joy in every child.

Take a virtual stroll through our campus and glimpse the magical moments of exploration, friendship, and growth that happen daily. TABS is more than a place to learn; it’s where little dreams begin to take flight and where every child is part of a nurturing and fun educational haven. Visit our school’s gallery to see more!

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From Our Families: Testimonials of Love and Learning

Discover what families love about The Anne Brower School, straight from the hearts of our parents. These heartfelt testimonials reflect the cherished experiences and lasting impact we strive to create for every child.

“The new owner, combined with long time members of the staff, are motivated, talented, and have tons of experience. This is truly a one of a kind nursery school in this area.”

Meredith Shanley

TABS Parent

“[Its] unbelievable how much fun my twin 5-year-olds have attending this school. From the teachers to their fellow students, its all just a pleasure. Thx to all!”

Anthony Antorino

TABS Parent

My son is thriving socially, emotionally, and academically at TABS. The teachers are warm, attuned, and dedicated to early education. We couldn’t be happier.

Liza Camellerie

TABS Parent

“My daughter loves this school so much so that when I pick her up she never wants to leave! From the moment you pull in the driveway you get such a great feeling, and the smiling and laughing from all the children is infectious! If youre looking for a great nursery school for your child, RUN–don't walk–to The Anne Brower School!”

Meredith Shanley

TABS Parent

“My son had a very hard time starting preschool. Then we came to TABS and it all changed. The teachers were so caring and attentive to his needs. My son made great memories there and even now in Kindergarten he still talks about his teachers and the friends he made there. We couldn’t have asked for a better preschool.”

Joanna Carrasquillo

TABS Parent

our events

Unite, Celebrate, Uphold: Supporting Our School’s Mission

Join us at The Anne Brower School’s vibrant fundraising events, where community spirit shines bright. From the creativity on display at our children’s art show to the festive joy of our Christmas Boutique and the enriching world of our Scholastic Book Fair, each event is a celebration of our school’s commitment to excellence. Your participation and support help us continue to provide an enriching environment for our little learners, with all proceeds directly enhancing their educational experience.

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fairs have been promoting a love of books since 1981! We’re excited to continue the tradition by offering this special opportunity!

read more »

Holiday Boutique

Join us for an afternoon of holiday cheer with your little one! We’ll have festive decor, wintery snacks, and a holiday shop to boot!

read more »

Square 1 Art Show

All children are born artists! Every Spring we celebrate our students’ creativity with an Art Show where we exhibit their finest works!

read more »

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fairs have been promoting a love of books since 1981! We’re excited to continue the tradition by offering this special opportunity!

read more »

Holiday Boutique

Join us for an afternoon of holiday cheer with your little one! We’ll have festive decor, wintery snacks, and a holiday shop to boot!

read more »

Square 1 Art Show

All children are born artists! Every Spring we celebrate our students’ creativity with an Art Show where we exhibit their finest works!

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The Learning Journey: Educational Explorations

Explore articles from our blog and uncover new ways to engage and enhance your child’s learning journey. From imaginative activities for fun learning at home to insightful essays on early education topics like school readiness and learning through play, there’s a treasure trove of knowledge awaiting. 

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