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From Morning Giggles to Afternoon Wiggles: Life as a TABS Preschooler

Explore a day in the life of a TABS preschooler and see how structured play shapes their world! You're invited to witness firsthand how we transform every day into an adventure of learning and growth for our little learners.

A Peek into a Day at TABS: Where Every Moment Counts

At The Anne Brower School (TABS), we believe that the foundation for lifelong learning is built in the early years of a child’s life (read more about our school’s mission here). That’s why our programs are meticulously designed to offer an enriched and structured environment where young learners can thrive.

Within the vibrant walls of our school, children are immersed in a world that balances structured learning with the joy of exploration, ensuring that each day is not just educational but also deeply fulfilling.

This structured yet flexible approach is pivotal for the development of young minds, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence from an early age.

By engaging in a variety of carefully curated activities, children at TABS are encouraged to explore their interests, develop resilience, and build social skills in a supportive and caring community.

The example schedule below showcases a typical day at TABS, and encapsulates our commitment to nurturing well-rounded little learners who are set off on their academic careers with confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Upon arrival, children are warmly welcomed into a nurturing environment, where they’re encouraged to engage in free play with classmates. This initial period helps them transition smoothly from home to school, fostering independence and social skills. During circle time, our educators lead songs, stories, and interactive games, carefully designed to enhance language development, social skills, and introduce the day’s themes. This time also reinforces routines, providing a sense of security and community.

During center time, children explore various stations, each aimed at stimulating different developmental areas such as math, science, and art. This approach supports our belief in learning through play, where children learn best when they’re actively engaged and interested. Outdoor play extends this philosophy to the playground, where children develop gross motor skills and learn about the natural world in a hands-on manner.

In these sessions, children delve deeper into activities that cater to their unique interests and developmental stages. Whether it’s a guided reading session or a math game, teachers provide individualized support, ensuring that each child feels challenged and supported. This time is crucial for addressing diverse learning needs within our classroom.

Our music and movement segment is designed to foster children’s love for music while enhancing their physical development and coordination. Through fun and energetic activities, children express themselves creatively and build foundational skills for future academic learning.

Snack time is more than just a break; it’s an opportunity for social learning and practicing independence. Children are encouraged to manage their snacks and engage in conversations, fostering a sense of community and good nutritional habits.

This is a cherished time where imagination and language skills flourish. Through captivating stories, children expand their vocabulary, comprehension, and narrative skills. It’s also a time for them to share their thoughts and stories, promoting active participation and listening skills.

Lunch offers a continuation of our day’s educational journey, where children practice table manners and healthy eating in a group setting. This time is integral for reinforcing social skills and fostering a sense of belonging among peers.

Recognizing the importance of rest in child development, younger children nap, while older ones engage in quiet, self-directed activities. This balance between rest and gentle stimulation supports overall wellbeing and readiness for afternoon activities.

A continuation of morning’s targeted learning, the afternoon session allows children to explore new concepts or deepen their understanding of the morning’s lessons. This adaptive approach ensures that learning is both comprehensive and captivating.

Whether it’s outdoor exploration or indoor art projects, this period emphasizes creativity and physical activity. By alternating between structured and unstructured activities, we cater to the holistic development of each child, nurturing their curiosity and artistic talents.

Gathering once more, children reflect on their day, sharing experiences and accomplishments. This collective moment fosters a sense of achievement and community, essential for emotional and social development.

As the day concludes, our educators provide personalized feedback to parents, ensuring a seamless connection between school and home. This time also allows for celebrating daily achievements and discussing any notable moments or upcoming events.

From Today's Play to Tomorrow's Promise: Our Daily Commitment

As the sun sets on another vibrant day at The Anne Brower School, it’s clear that the experiences our preschoolers have are more than just moments of play or learning; they’re the building blocks of their future selves.

In our warm and engaging environment, every activity is an opportunity for growth, every interaction a chance to learn about empathy and friendship, and every day a step closer to becoming confident, curious learners.

We’re honored to be a part of these foundational years, witnessing the remarkable journeys of growth and discovery our students embark on.

It’s here, amidst the laughter, creativity, and exploration, that the magic of early education truly unfolds, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning and success.

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