The Anne Brower School

Square 1 Art Show

Unveiling Creativity: A Celebration of Young Artists!

At The Anne Brower School, we believe every child harbors an artist within. There’s unparalleled joy in holding onto a piece of art crafted by your child’s own hands, a keepsake that captures their creativity and spirit during these formative preschool years.

As we watch our children grow and embark on incredible journeys, it’s the early years that hold a special place in our hearts. These years are fleeting, filled with remarkable growth and learning. While we can’t slow down time, we take every opportunity to celebrate our students for the unique individuals they are today.

Each Spring, we shine a spotlight on our students’ creativity, skills, and hard work through our Art Show. It’s an exhibition that showcases their masterpieces, offering a window into their imaginative worlds.

In partnership with Square 1 Art, we transform your child’s artwork into a variety of high-quality keepsakes. These treasures allow you to hold onto a piece of this precious time forever. The proceeds from these keepsakes contribute directly to our school, supporting our mission to give every child a magical start to their education.

Stay tuned for the date and details of this vibrant event, where we celebrate the artistic journeys of our young learners!

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