Our Programs

Child-Centered Learning at its Finest

At The Anne Brower School, we prepare our students to be dynamic thinkers, give them the freedom to explore their own particular gifts, and make sure to maximize fun!

Program Highlights

  • Fun and enriching activities

    Our activities engage your child’s imagination, foster their growth, and encourage their social development. Students also get a head start academically with our Full STEAM Ahead programming.

  • Active learning + loving care

    Our students learn through active exploration and interaction with their peers and supportive adults. Teachers at The Anne Brower School provide structure and a myriad of opportunities for fun!

  • Child-centered approach

    Children learn optimally when they’re given the freedom make use of their own particular gifts and move at their own pace. We build our students’ confidence and instill a lifelong love of learning.

  • Idyllic setting

    Our campus features a beautifully renovated Victorian home and two bright, airy cottages house warm and inviting classrooms. 5 large playgrounds allow the children to run, swing, slide, and play.

  • Designed for busy families

    Our school offers flexible scheduling options and a variety supplemental programs to not only help enrich the minds and lives of our students, but to also accommodate the schedules of our families.

Our Students Become




An integrated learning approach guides children to learn holistically without the restrictions of traditional subject boundaries. Children develop tools and skills they can use to approach a myriad of challenges, both academic and in their everyday lives. This approach to learning is grounded in active investigative processes that foster a love of learning and set our students up for success in their future academic careers!

As an example, if the topic of a lesson is Mexico, students may start the day learning to count in Spanish (vocabulary, math), move on to singing a round of “Los Días de la Semana” (vocabulary, music), and then finish up by learning states of matter by assembling quesadillas (measuring, math) and noticing the melted cheese (science).

Our Core Programs

School is a new and exciting adventure for your little ones! Our teachers help them (and you, their parents) through the separation process as they learn to trust and become comfortable with other adults. Click here to learn more.

Our primary goal in the three-year-old’s program is to help your children with the “Great S’s”: separation, socialization, sharing, self-expression, self-direction, and sensory development. Click here to learn more.

We nurture our student’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Each month your child will be introduced to a new unit, one that will incorporate all the academic disciplines. Click here to learn more.

Meet our staff and tour our idyllic campus!

Our Supplemental Programs

For children aged 2–5 years: Each afternoon offers an exciting educational adventure! Children participate in two 45-minute “hands-on” learning experiences and also enjoy a snack and free play on our large playgrounds. Click here to learn more.

Camp ABC has been expanding children’s horizons for more than 30 summers. Creative play is encouraged and art, music, and dance are an integral part of the program. Summer FUN for children ages 2–6 years old! Click here to learn more.

Learn about our play-based approach to child development!

Special Activities and Events

In addition to our regular school programming, we also offer fun opportunities for our families and the community at large to enjoy. Anyone can drop in for a free-play session, a painting lesson, or a yoga class. Click here to learn more and book your spot as reservations must be made in advance.

In the summertime, we open up our Water Park for free-play! Gather your friends and book your spot(s) for a splashing good time. Want to celebrate your little one’s big day with us? We also host birthday parties! Click here to learn more.

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