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Our Private Preschool Programs in Huntington, NY

At The Anne Brower School, children embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and unparalleled educational excellence. Learn more about our dynamic, play-based programs where each day unfolds with wonder, excitement, and joy.

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At our private preschool in Huntington, NY, we prepare our students to be dynamic 21st century thinkers by giving them the freedom to explore their own particular gifts while making sure to maximize the fun!


Discover why we’re the trusted choice for countless Long Island families as we cultivate the unique strengths of each child in our warm and enriching setting.

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Our Preschool Programs

  • Fun and enriching activities

    Our activities engage your child’s imagination, foster their growth, and encourage their social development. Students also get a head start academically with our Full STEAM Ahead programming.

  • Active learning + loving care

    Our students learn through active exploration and interaction with their peers and supportive adults. Teachers at The Anne Brower School provide structure and a myriad of opportunities for fun!

  • Child-centered approach

    Children learn optimally when they’re given the freedom make use of their own particular gifts and move at their own pace. We build our students’ confidence and instill a lifelong love of learning.

  • Idyllic setting

    Our campus features a beautifully renovated Victorian home and two bright, airy cottages house warm and inviting classrooms. 7 large playgrounds allow the children to run, swing, slide, and play.

  • Designed for busy families

    Our school offers flexible scheduling options and a variety supplemental programs to not only help enrich the minds and lives of our students, but to also accommodate the schedules of our families.

our students grow to be...

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A program for every learner

Join us on a journey through The Anne Brower School’s diverse and enriching programs, each tailored to a unique stage of your child’s early learning.

The Toddler 2’s program is a place of wonder, where little steps lead to big discoveries, while the Nursery 3’s world is brimming with creativity, where play and imagination seamlessly blend. Our Pre-K 4’s & K-Ready 5’s curriculum bridges the gap to formal education, nurturing inquisitive minds with a balance of structured learning and free exploration.

And for a summer to remember, Camp ABC offers an array of exciting activities, blending education with outdoor fun.

Click through to find the perfect program for your child and witness the magic of learning in action at The Anne Brower School.

Nurturing toddlers’ curiosity through playful, interactive learning.

Igniting three-year-oldsimagination with fun, creative learning adventures.

Pre-K: Where young minds grow and adventures begin.

Summer fun meets learning with our vibrant camp adventures.

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Gift your child a lifelong love of learning

New discoveries, playful days, and endless smiles—see what preschool’s all about at The Anne Brower School. Come tour our idyllic Huntington campus and find out how our play-based approach keeps kids active and creatively engaged. Explore our flexible scheduling options and see what makes our school so unique.

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Come visit our school! We’d love to meet you and your family, show you our campus, and introduce you to some of our educators!

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Let the Learning Begin

Watch as your child grows in a caring environment tailored to their early development. Be sure to check out our flexible scheduling options to find the right fit for you and your family!

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Special Activities & Events

Discover the special moments waiting for you at The Anne Brower School, where we offer more than just learning. From playful and interactive Playdates to unforgettable Birthday Parties, we provide the perfect setting for joy and celebration.

Click through to find out more about these unique offerings and start planning your next magical event with us.

Weekly delights: stop by for painting, yoga, and joy filled free play.

Celebrate moments big and small with our event rentals and birthday parties.

Host your next community event on our idyllic campus with our Rent-A-Classroom program!

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