Nursery 3’s Program






Sensory Development


Our primary goals in the three-year-old program while loving your children is to help them with the “Great S’s”: separation, socialization, sharing, self-expression, self-direction, and sensory development.


Learning experiences are designed not only for the gain of knowledge, but also for their stimulation of the love of learning.


​Each month brings new thematic units, new materials, and new experiences as we build on the developmental foundations started as toddlers.


Favorite units during the year include: All About Me, Farm Life, Dinosaurs, and How Our Garden Grows. We explore language and math through our daily activities, such as reading our names and setting the table for snack. You can often find us singing, cooking, and creating child-driven artistic masterpieces. 


We learn to put on coats, take care of toileting needs, and play and climb outside. We learn to count, cut with scissors, graph, sequence, draw representationally, build, take turns, listen, communicate, play games, and so much more.

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The Anne Brower School's teachers and staff lead your three-year-old through a curriculum with the following goals:

Physical Goals:

(Gross Motor)

  • Is well coordinated
  • Displays good balance
  • Exhibits skill on play equipment (climber, swing, slide, etc.)
  • Pedals tricycle
  • Builds with blocks
  • Throws/catches ball

(Fine Motor)

  • Pours milk/juice into cup
  • Holds pencil correctly
  • Can cut with scissors
  • Can manipulate fasteners
  • Can manipulate fasteners
  • Unties a bow and/or loose knot
  • Draws a recognizable person
  • Writes own name
Nursery 2's final

Behavioral Goals:

  • Listens attentively
  • Follows directions
  • Focuses on task at hand
  • Is not disruptive
  • Exhibits self-control
  • Uses toys and materials appropriately


Language Goals:

  • Speaks clearly
  • Has age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Uses personal pronouns correctly
  • Expresses needs and ideas verbally
  • Recites jingles and rhymes
  • Tells event or story in sequence
  • Follows 3-step verbal directions – by end of Pre-K


Cognitive Goals:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of colors
  • Demonstrates knowledge of shapes
  • Demonstrates knowledge of numbers
  • Demonstrates knowledge of letters and sounds – by end of PreK
  • Can work a 10-piece puzzle
  • Recognizes own name (written)
  • Knows "left" and "right"–by end of Pre-K
  • Displays competence on computers

Personal Information Goals: 

  • Knows full names
  • Knows age
  • Knows birthday
  • Knows telephone number–by end of Pre-K
  • Knows street address–by end of Pre-K
  • Knows first and last name(s) of parent(s)


Self-Help Goals:

  • Separates easily from parents, caretakers
  • Ease in activity transition
  • Puts on clothing without assistance
  • Puts on shoes without assistance
  • Takes care of own toileting needs
  • Cleans up after self at free play, snack, lunch
  • Tries to solve problems independently
  • Participates in classroom clean-up


Emotional Goals: 

  • Displays a sense of security
  • Exhibits self-confidence
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Shows a desire to learn
  • Is willing to try something new
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