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Huntington’s Premier Toddler Preschool Program

Our caring educators and play-based approach to early learning sparks toddler’s natural sense of curiosity, fosters social skills, and celebrates the joy of exploration and discovery.

curious, independent, social

Our Toddler Program facilitates active learning through fun playtime with peers and supports your little one as they come to assert their unique perspective.


Come explore Huntington’s premier program for toddlers at The Anne Brower School!

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Our Preschool Curriculum: Toddler Edition

At The Anne Brower School, we believe that toddlers are naturally curious and eager to learn. Nestled in our property’s “Cozy Cottages,” our program’s knowledgeable and caring team foster an exciting learning environment that’s both nurturing and engaging.

Our Toddler 2’s curriculum involves a careful balance of educational strategies and developmental understanding of children aged 18 to 36 months old.

It features a blend of play, exploration, and structured learning, designed to facilitate your little one’s overall development while respecting their unique pace and interests.

Toddler classrooms are designed specifically to support your little learner’s academic, social, and physical development while having as much fun as possible. Equipped with:

Everything is designed to create a safe, welcoming, and fun learning environment. Our toddlers even have their own playgrounds just outside their cottages for independent and group play!

we’re not just a preschool program

We’re a community that celebrates milestones while guiding your toddler’s journey of exploration.


Come experience the warmth of our North Shore Center, and join The Anne Brower School family today for your child’s brighter tomorrow. At The Anne Brower School, your child’s growth is our greatest joy.

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Active, Hands-On Learning in Everyday Contexts

We believe in making learning an integral, seamless part of a child’s day-to-day life. This approach allows our students to discover and understand the world around them in a more natural and intuitive way.

From exploring the different colors of fruits to counting the petals on flowers, each activity is carefully chosen to not just impart knowledge, but also to ignite imagination and stimulate creativity.

Whether through sensory play, creative arts, or interactive storytelling, our aim is to make learning a delightful journey of discovery for every child, encouraging them to engage, question, and learn through activities meaningful to them.

This holistic approach ensures that our students don’t just learn about the world, but also learn how to learn, setting a strong foundation for lifelong curiosity and a love for discovery early in childhood.

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Toddler Program Learning Goals

Our Huntington preschool program is meticulously designed to nurture two-year-olds on their journey towards emotional empathy, articulate language communication, creative problem-solving, precise physical coordination, and robust social interaction, and developing the following skills, laying a comprehensive foundation for their continuous growth throughout childhood:


Two-year-olds embark on emotional development by expressing empathy, forming secure attachments beyond their parents, showing preferences, taking pride in accomplishments, asserting themselves, and experiencing and identifying diverse moods.


Two-year-olds enhance their language skills by combining gestures and words, forming two-word sentences, using phrases, following instructions, repeating overheard words, identifying named objects or pictures, and recognizing familiar names and terms.


Two-year-olds advance in problem-solving by engaging in parallel and pretend play, recognizing and pointing to body parts, asserting themselves, solving simple puzzles, categorizing objects, and pointing out multiple objects in pictures.


Two-year-olds refine their physical abilities by mastering sitting and climbing, marching, handling a ball, stacking blocks, using crayons or paintbrushes, attempting to dress, practicing personal hygiene, and using utensils and cups effectively.


Two-year-olds grow socially by imitating peers and adults, participating in group activities like clean-up, seeking to please, showing keen interest in conversations between grown-ups, enjoying shared explorations with others, and beginning to share.

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Gift your child a lifelong love of learning

New discoveries, playful days, and endless smiles—see what preschool’s all about at The Anne Brower School. Come tour our idyllic Huntington campus and find out how our play-based approach keeps kids active and creatively engaged. Explore our flexible scheduling options and see what makes our school so unique.

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Nurturing Creativity: A Peek into Our Toddler Classrooms and Playgrounds

Below you can catch a glimpse into a world where colors pop, laughter echoes, and little imaginations soar. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to be both kid-friendly and safe, ensuring a vibrant yet secure space for every child.

Here, creativity comes alive in our arts and crafts areas, and young scientists get hands-on with exciting experiments. Cozy gathering spaces become the heart of storytime magic and melodious sing-alongs.

Step outside into the Huntington air, and you’ll find our dedicated toddler playground, a burst of fun and exploration, alongside a charming outdoor eating area perfect for sunny snack times.

Around every corner is a new adventure, crafted with love and safety in mind!

our values

Care and Love: The Heart of The Anne Brower School’s Programs

At the very core of The Anne Brower School’s philosophy and programs is a deep-seated commitment to care and love.

Our programs are designed with a keen understanding that a warm, caring environment is essential for the holistic development of children. Every aspect of our curriculum is infused with compassion and a loving spirit, ensuring that each child feels valued, safe, and supported.

Our Huntington educators are more than just teachers; they’re caretakers of young hearts and minds. They create a receptive atmosphere where children can flourish, feel secure, and develop a sense of belonging.

This approach fosters close, positive relationships between educators and children, which is fundamental for building trust and encouraging open communication. In our classrooms, laughter and affection are as prevalent as learning and discovery.

From the moment a child steps into our school, they’re embraced by an environment that prioritizes their emotional well-being.


By surrounding our students with care and love, we enhance their ability to learn and lay the groundwork for them to grow into empathetic, confident, and caring individuals.

At The Anne Brower School, we’re not just educating children, we’re nurturing future generations with the love and care that form the heart of all our endeavors.

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More Than a School: A Community of Support

At The Anne Brower School, our unique child-centered approach creates an environment where play, creativity, and individual growth are celebrated. Join us in a place where we not only educate but also connect hearts and minds, creating a community of support for our families and their little ones.

Discover the Benefits of Our Child-Centered Approach:

Embrace the Anne Brower Difference:

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Tiny Steps, Giant Leaps: Uncover the Joy of Toddler Learning

Dive into our featured articles below to learn more about the exciting world of toddler development, the intricacies of how toddlers learn, and engaging activities to enrich their growth journey at home. Each piece offers insights and tips for fostering your little one’s potential.

Dive into the heart of toddler tantrums with strategies and insights that transform challenging moments into opportunities for growth and connection and nurture happy and resilient toddlers!

From sensory play to cooking, and from nature exploration to the digital world, the activities in this article are more than just pastimes. They're stepping stones for your little one's growth in every aspect.

Language development in 2-year-olds is much more than just cute babbles and first words. The foundations laid during these years can pave the way for a lifetime of effective communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling your child at The Anne Brower School is as easy as ABC! Start the process by filling out our online admissions form, which is a quick and simple step to begin the process of securing your child’s place with us. Enrolling early is always advantageous as it ensures that your child secures a spot, giving you peace of mind and allowing us to better plan and tailor our day program to provide the best experience possible.

Many parents find it helpful to book a tour of the school prior to enrolling, as this offers a firsthand look at our Huntington facilities, allows you to meet our dedicated staff, and provides a glimpse into the day-to-day environment your child will thrive in. You can book a tour right here on our website!

The Anne Brower School’s Toddler 2’s Program offers a variety of scheduling options to meet the needs of working families. Families can choose from the following schedules:

  • Half School Day: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM OR 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Full School Day (includes Lunch Bunch): 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Extended School Day (includes Lunch Bunch): 8:00 PM – 4:00 PM

We also offer the following programs with extended hours:

  • Early Drop Off: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
    • Early Drop Off at The Anne Brower School is all about creating a positive and enriching experience for your child to begin their day. With our caring staff, a stimulating environment, and a focus on both social-emotional and cognitive development, you can be confident that your child is in good hands, ready to embrace the day with a smile and a sense of belonging. As the regular school day approaches, our staff gently transitions the children into their respective classrooms, ensuring a smooth transition into the daily routines.
  • Lunch Bunch: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    • Lunch Bunch at The Anne Brower School provides a valuable opportunity for children to cultivate social skills as they develop healthy eating habits. While parents ensure their child’s nutritional needs are met by packing a healthy and nutritious lunch, our staff ensures a safe and enjoyable eating experience, encouraging mindful eating habits and providing assistance when needed. Following lunch, children engage in a variety of age-appropriate activities that complement the day’s lessons before being gently transitioned back to class time.
  • After Care: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    • The Anne Brower School’s After Care program provides extended care for children whose parents need an extra hour of coverage beyond the regular school day. Following a recharging snack time at 3:00 PM, children participate in a variety of enriching activities, including creative expression, physical activity, and cooperative games and puzzles. As the After Care program draws to a close, children have time to unwind, engage in free play, and connect with their peers before being reunited with their parents at 4:00 PM.

Families can choose to attend our programs based on the following schedules:

  • Full Week (Monday – Friday)
  • Three-day (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
  • Two-day (Tuesday and Thursday)

We understand that many families have extremely busy schedules, and we’re committed to providing flexibility and support. The school’s scheduling options allow you to choose the schedule best suited to your family’s needs.

At The Anne Brower School, we’re committed to providing a nurturing and attentive environment for our youngest learners. For children aged 18 months, our classes maintain a ratio of one teacher for every five children. This ensures each child receives personalized attention and care, and allows our educators to truly understand and cater to everyone’s individual needs. Each of our classes consists of no more than 10 children, creating an intimate and comfortable setting where toddlers can explore and learn with confidence.

For our 2-year-olds, keep the same nurturing teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5 for the most part, while slightly expanding the class size to a maximum of 12 children. (However, if a class reaches the maximum enrollment of 12 students, we add an Assistant Teacher to that class, bringing the ratio down to one teacher for every 4 children.) Two-year-olds begin to engage more actively with peers and benefit developmentally from slightly larger group interactions. This careful balance fosters a sense of community and friendship among the children, while still ensuring each child receives the individual attention they need to thrive.

Choosing between preschool and daycare, such as family child care, often comes down to the specific needs and age of your child. While daycare provides essential care and safety for children of various ages, including school age children, a preschool offers a more structured educational environment.

In preschool, children are engaged in classes designed to foster early learning and development. These classes are tailored to prepare young minds for school, focusing on cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

Unlike traditional child care settings, preschools provide a curriculum that lays the groundwork for academic skills and nurtures a love for learning, making it a more beneficial choice for early childhood education.

Our school’s philosophy on early childhood education emphasizes play-based learning, individualized attention, and whole-child development, and our activities reflect these values. Here are some of the activities your child might be presented with on any given day of the week at The Anne Brower School:

  • Circle Time: Circle time is a daily gathering where toddlers and teachers sing songs, read stories, and do other lessons as a group. It is a time for toddlers to learn and develop language skills, social skills, and a love of learning.
  • Free play: During free play, children have the opportunity to explore the classroom at their own pace and choose their own pursuits. Teachers are available to provide support and guidance, but they do not direct the children’s play.
  • Activity centers: Activity centers are designed to provide children with opportunities to learn and develop in a variety of areas, such as language and literacy, math and science, problem-solving, creativity, and social/emotional skills. Teachers rotate the topics in the centers regularly to keep them fresh and engaging.
  • Outdoor play: Outdoor play is an important part of the day for toddlers. It provides them with opportunities to get exercise, fresh air, and sunshine. Teachers also use outdoor playtime to teach children about the natural world and to help them develop their social skills.
  • Story time: Story time is a time for children to relax and enjoy stories read by their teachers. Story time also helps children to develop their listening skills and their love of books.

The Anne Brower School is a warm and inviting place located in the center of Huntington, NY where children feel safe and loved. The environment is nurturing and supportive, and the teachers are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

The classrooms are bright and airy, and they’re filled with materials and activities that promote learning and development. The outdoor playgrounds are large and well-equipped, providing children with plenty of opportunities to play and explore.

Our school also has a strong sense of community. Parents and teachers work together to create a positive and supportive environment for all the children.

Through engaging activities, children are introduced to basic literacy and numeracy concepts, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities essential for future academic success.

From interactive play sessions that spark curiosity to structured learning exercises that enhance thinking skills, we provide a diverse range of experiences to cater to the cognitive development of each child.

Educators trained to guide each child through a journey of discovery lead the way, tailoring projects to suit their individual learning styles and interests.

Our activities and lessons are crafted to enhance empathy, intelligence, and social skills, promote physical growth through play and sports, and ignite creativity and self-expression in art, music, and storytelling.

This holistic approach recognizes that learning is about much more than lugging around textbooks or memorizing trivia, its about the fundamental joy of understanding oneself and the world.

By focusing on the ‘whole child,’ we aim to cultivate individuals who are emotionally resilient, socially adept, physically active, knowledgeable, and creatively inspired.

A large part of our student population is from the vibrant communities of Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor. However, families from all around the North Shore, including Centerport, Dix Hills, Green Lawn, Jericho, Lloyd Harbor, Melville, Muttontown, Northport, Old Brookville, Oyster Bay, and Syosset all call The Anne Brower School their home. This diversity of backgrounds and experiences enriches the school community and provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from—and celebrate with—each other.

The diversity of The Anne Brower School community is evident in its classrooms. Students from different backgrounds and cultures gather here to learn and grow together. Teachers at The Anne Brower School are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment where all students feel welcome and valued.

The Anne Brower School community is a strong and supportive one. Families and teachers work in tandem to create a positive and enriching learning environment for all students. The school’s vibrant community is one of its greatest assets, and it is one of the things that makes it such a special place to learn and grow!

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