Toddler 2’s Program

Your two-year-olds have their own "Cozy Cottages" on the property. These cozy little cottages are made up of art centers, work tables, housekeeping, cooking, sand and water tables and a large play area. They even have their own playgrounds just outside their classroom for independent and group play.


School is a new and exciting adventure for your little ones. Our teachers help them (and you their parents) through the separation process as they learn to trust and become comfortable with other adults. Their communication skills improve rapidly as they enjoy these new experiences.

Socialization is our focus as the children learn to play together, share, clean up, and very importantly, to cooperate.

Students learn to say “please” and “thank you”, clear their place after snack, and push in theirs and others chairs.


Our thematic programs incorporate:

  • colors,
  • shapes,
  • vocabulary development,
  • songs,
  • the use of art materials, and
  • American Sign Language (ASL).
Red Schoolhouse 1st floor

We enjoy enriching their lives with color, music, art, language, listening skills and friends, as we introduce them to this wonderful world which we all live in.

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Toddler 2's at The Anne Brower School learn from a curriculum that includes the following goals:

Emotional Goals:

  • Begins to show empathy for others
  • Feels safe and secure away from parents
  • Shows affection and dislikes
  • Shows pride in new accomplishments
  • Asserts self appropriately
  • Exhibits contrasting moods (i.e. stubborn to compliant)


Physical Goals:

  • Sits well in chair
  • Pushes in chair
  • Climbs up steps
  • Marches in place
  • Rolls, throws and kicks ball
  • Stacks blocks
  • Uses a crayon or paintbrush
  • Attempts to put on shoes, socks, jacket
  • Washes and dries hands
  • Uses a spoon
  • Drinks from a cup

Language Goals:

  • Able to use a combination of gestures and words
  • Able to combine words
  • Can produce a 2 word sentence
  • Uses simple phrases
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Repeats words overheard in conversation
  • Points to object or picture when it’s named
  • Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, and body parts
does your dinosaur have teeth

Problem Solving Goals:

  • Plays alongside a friend (parallel play)
  • Begins simple pretend play (talking on the phone, putting baby to bed)
  • Points to body parts
  • Asserts self appropriately
  • Can put together simple puzzles with 2-3 pieces
  • Group objects by category
  • Engages in imaginative play with common household objects
  • Names objects and point to many objects in one picture
  • Stacks rings on a peg in order of size


Social Goals:

  • Imitates others
  • Influences or persuades others
  • Helps at clean-up time
  • Tries to please others
  • Exhibits an intense interest in adult language
  • Enjoys "exploring" with others
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