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From Playground to Plate: Ensuring Your Child's Health and Happiness

Nourishing the body and mind is essential for young learners. Active play and exploration require energy, and replenishing with a balanced diet of healthy foods is vital for your child’s growth, learning, and overall well-being.

We recognize that amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, ensuring your family has access to nutritious meals can sometimes feel overwhelming. To support you in this important aspect of parenting, The Anne Brower School has gathered a selection of resources. These tools are designed to assist busy families like yours in making informed and practical choices for meals and physical activities.

Our curated resources offer tips on incorporating a variety of healthy foods into your family’s diet, along with ideas for keeping your children engaged in physical exercise. They’re not just about what to eat, but also how to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle together.

For a comprehensive guide to healthy eating habits and effective exercise routines, feel free to explore the following links:

Resource Link
Choose My Plate
Healthy Kids, Healthy Future
Core Nutrition Messages for Healthier Food Choices
NRC Caring for Our Children: Tipsheets

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