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Safe Snacks

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Safe Snack Policy: Nurturing Health and Well-being at Our School

Allergy Awareness: We’re a Nut-Free Environment

We prioritize the safety and health of every child at The Anne Brower School. In line with this commitment, we maintain a strict nut-free policy. Please ensure that all snacks and lunches sent from home are free from peanuts and tree nuts.

Guidelines for Healthy and Safe Snacks:

When preparing your child’s daily snacks and lunch, kindly adhere to our “safe food” guidelines:

Please Avoid:

Special Celebrations:

For birthday celebrations at school, please discuss your plans with the classroom teachers. Although the pandemic has brought certain restrictions, we are dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable celebration for your child, following all necessary health guidelines.

Your Cooperation Matters:

Your adherence to these guidelines plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all our students. Together, we can create a space where each child can enjoy their meals without health risks.

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