Sick Policy

It is our job to think of the whole class and the potential of the illness passing through the whole room. We ask that you also use your professional judgement as parents. Ask yourselves this question: "Would I want my child in a room with a child this sick?"


The policy of our school and camp is that children with an obvious acute illness or contagion will not be allowed to stay. Contagion includes bad colds and the flu.


Please review the "Keep Me Home If…" information guide and the contagion list below describing how long after the onset of the illness before your child may return to school or camp:

keep me home

Child Contagion Guide

Contagion I'm Better Once...
FeverTemperature below 100.0° for 24hrs WITHOUT use of Tylenol, etc.
Diarrhea24hrs without an episode; no fever
Vomiting24hrs without an episode; no fever
RashesTreated and subsequently identified as non-communicable by a doctor; a note from a doctor will be needed in order to return; no fever
Ear Infection12 hour on antibiotic; no fever
Strep Throat24hrs on antibiotic; no fever
Impetigo24hrs on antibiotic; no fever
Head LiceTreatment; no nits or lice present
Conjunctivitis24hrs on antibiotic; no discharge
Coxsackie VirusNo visible sores on hand, feet or mouth; no fever for 24hrs
Fifths DiseaseOnce the fever goes away even if rash is still present
CroupNo fever; no difficulty breathing
Chicken PoxScabs are healed over

If a child is sick for 3 consecutive days, a physician’s note is required for their return.


Should your child become ill or show symptoms of any kind while at school or camp, you will be called immediately. Should you not be able to be reached your emergency contact person will be notified to pick up your child.

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