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Wellness Watch Safeguarding Our School Community

At The Anne Brower School, we prioritize the health and well-being of all our students and staff. In light of this, we have implemented a comprehensive sick policy to manage illnesses and contagions within our community. We encourage parents to exercise their best judgment when deciding whether their child is fit to attend school or camp on any given day. A simple guiding question can be, “Would I be comfortable with my child being around someone else showing these symptoms?”

Our policy stipulates that children displaying clear signs of an acute illness or contagious condition cannot remain at the school or camp. This includes severe colds, flu, and other contagious diseases.

To assist parents in making informed decisions, we provide a detailed “Keep Me Home If…” guide. This guide outlines specific symptoms and conditions, along with the recommended time frame for a child to stay home following the onset of illness. This approach helps prevent the spread of illnesses, ensuring a healthier environment for everyone at The Anne Brower School.

We understand that managing a sick child can be challenging for families, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. By working together, we can maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for all our young learners.

*If a child is sick for 3 consecutive days, a physician’s note is required for their return.*

Child Contagion Guide

Contagion I’m Better Once…
Temperature below 100.0° for 24hrs WITHOUT use of Tylenol, etc.
24hrs without an episode; no fever
24hrs without an episode; no fever
Treated and subsequently identified as non-communicable by a doctor; a note from a doctor will be needed in order to return; no fever
Ear Infection
12hrs on antibiotic; no fever
Strep Throat
24hrs on antibiotic; no fever
24hrs on antibiotic; no fever
Head Lice
Treatment; no nits or lice present
24hrs on antibiotic; no discharge
Coxsackie Virus
No visible sores on hand, feet or mouth; no fever for 24hrs
Fifths Disease
Once the fever goes away even if rash is still present
No fever; no difficulty breathing
Chicken Pox
Scabs are healed over

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