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Huntington’s Old Town Hall District: Fun-Filled “I Spy” Game for Curious Preschoolers

Transform your next visit to the Civil War Monument in Huntington's Town Hall District into a thrilling historical adventure using a fun twist on the classic "I Spy" game to turn playtime into a journey through Huntington's fascinating past.

Huntington's Old Town Historic District

  • At a Glance:

    Explore Huntington's rich history with a fun twist on "I Spy" in the Old Town District exploring our some of our city's monuments and buildings – perfect for a free and engaging preschool adventure.

  • Location:

    228 Main Street
    Huntington, NY 11743

  • Cost:


  • What to Bring:

    • A picnic blanket (optional)
    • Books about bravery, spies, or firefighters (depending on child's interest)
    • Paper and crayons for leaf rubbings (with permission)

  • Nearby:

    The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building
    Nathan Hale Monument
    Old Town Hall Building
    Huntington Arts Council

Main Street Mysteries: Unveiling Huntington's Past with a Family-Friendly Game!

image courtesy of wikipedia

The crisp autumn air carries a whisper of history as you stand on Main Street outside the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial building next to the Civil War Monument in Huntington, New York.

Sunlight bathes the stoic figure of the soldier, his gaze fixed firmly ahead, a silent guardian over the bustling town square.

Beside him, a weathered cannon stands sentinel, a tangible reminder of battles fought long ago. Across Main Street, the Old Town Hall, with its elegant Corinthian columns and a tiny clock tower crowned by a graceful weathervane, whispers tales of bygone eras.

This seemingly ordinary corner isn’t just a picturesque spot for a photo op – it’s a portal to a time-traveling adventure waiting to be explored!

Sure, your child might be fixated on the playful pigeons fluttering across the green, but beneath the surface lies a rich tapestry of history, waiting to be unraveled.

Imagine transforming this familiar scene into a historical treasure hunt! We don’t need a magic spell or a time machine – all we need is a little imagination and a fun twist on a classic game: “I Spy” with a historical twist!

So put on your detective hats, little explorers, because we’re about to embark on a journey through Huntington’s fascinating past, right here in Huntington’s Old Town Hall Historic District!

Beyond "Just a Statue": Turning War Memorials into Learning Adventures!

The Civil War Monument in Huntington’s Old Town District might seem like just another statue at first glance. But with a little explanation, it can become a starting point for a fascinating conversation about history and bravery. Here are some tips to help you explain the concept of war memorials to your preschooler:

  • Start with something familiar:

    Talk about how you might give someone a special card or gift to say thank you. Explain that the Civil War Monument is a giant "thank you" to brave soldiers who fought for our country.

  • Focus on freedom and happiness:

    Preschoolers understand the joy of playing with friends, going to the park, and spending time with family. Explain that the soldiers fought so everyone could have these freedoms, no matter who they were.

  • Keep it positive:

    While wars can be scary topics, focus on the courage and bravery of the soldiers. You can say things like, "They were very strong and stood up for what they believed in."

  • Use visuals:

    Point out the details of the monument together. Talk about the soldier and what he might be looking at. Imagine what the bell might have been used for (like a school bell!)

Remember, there are no wrong answers! Encourage your child’s questions and let their imagination run wild. The most important thing is to plant the seed of curiosity and spark their interest in history.

A Story About a Brave Man Named Nathan Hale

Here’s a short story you can read to your child about Nathan Hale, the American spy honored with his own monument across from the Civil War Monument:

image courtesy of

Once upon a time, in a land far before you were born, there lived a brave man named Nathan Hale. He wasn’t a soldier with a big sword, but a super secret spy! Spies use their cleverness to sneak around and learn important information.

Nathan Hale loved his country very much. Back then, there was a big fight going on between the colonies and a powerful king. Nathan Hale wanted to help the colonies win their freedom so everyone could be happy and safe.

So, Nathan Hale used his bravery and his smarts to pretend to be someone else. He snuck into enemy territory, which is like the other team’s land! He pretended to be a normal person, but all the while, he was secretly gathering information to help the colonies win.

Unfortunately, Nathan Hale was caught by the enemy. But even though he was scared, he never gave up his secret! He knew that keeping the information safe would help his friends win the fight.

Nathan Hale was a very brave man, and even though he couldn’t fight with a sword, he helped his country in a very important way. We remember him today for his courage and his love of freedom.

Just like Nathan Hale, you can be brave too! Being brave means standing up for what’s right, even when it’s scary. It means using your brain and your heart to help others.

"I Spy" with a Historical Eye: A Treasure Hunt for Kids in Huntington

Let’s transform our familiar game of “I Spy” into a thrilling treasure hunt for hidden history around the Old Town Hall Historic District! Instead of searching for everyday objects, we’ll become junior history detectives, using our eagle eyes to spot clues that tell the story of Huntington and the heroes it honors.

Here’s how it works: One player (parent or child) starts by saying: “I spy with my little eye something…” followed by a clue about a historical detail near the monument. For our little detectives, keep the clues simple and engaging! Here are some examples you can use:

Once your child guesses the object correctly, it’s their turn to create a historical riddle! Encourage them to use their imagination and describe something they see that sparks their curiosity about the past.

Here are some ideas to inspire them:

image courtesy of

Remember, the beauty of this game lies in its flexibility! Feel free to adapt the clues based on what you see near the monument on your visit. Perhaps you spot the American flag waving proudly nearby – you could say “I spy with my little eye something with red, white, and blue, that shows our American spirit!”

The more you play, the more your child will develop their observation skills and become familiar with the historical details that surround them. So get ready to unleash your inner detective and embark on a historical adventure through Huntington’s past, one “I Spy” clue at a time!

More Than Just a Game: Turning "I Spy" into a History Lesson for Preschoolers

This playful twist on “I Spy” is more than just a fun game for your little ones; it’s a sneaky way to ignite their curiosity about the past! At The Anne Brower School, we’re all about play-based learning. Here’s how this fun history game facilitates learning:

Sharpening Observation Skills:

As they search for the hidden clues you describe, they’ll be honing their observation skills, learning to focus on details they might have otherwise overlooked. Suddenly, the familiar green space transforms into a historical museum, filled with whispers of the past waiting to be discovered.

Building a Historical Puzzle:

But why is learning about history important, you might ask? Well, imagine history as a giant puzzle. Each historical detail we uncover, whether it’s a towering clock tower or a weathered weathervane, is like a piece of that puzzle. By putting these pieces together, we gain a deeper understanding of the present. We learn how our community has evolved, how things used to be done, and how the decisions made in the past have shaped the world we live in today.

Appreciating Change and Progress:

More importantly, learning about history helps us appreciate the changes and advancements that have taken place.

As you play “I Spy” with your child, take a moment to discuss the historical significance of the objects you find together. Keep it simple and age-appropriate! For example, you could explain that weathervanes help people predict the weather, or that the Old Town Hall was once a place where important decisions were made for the community.

By sparking these conversations, you’ll plant the seeds of curiosity and encourage your child to ask questions about the world around them.

There are no wrong answers when exploring history with your child!

Remember, there are no wrong answers when it comes to exploring history with your child. Let their imagination run wild, and encourage them to create their own stories about the past. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey of discovery together!

Beyond the Statue: Fun Activities to Make History Come Alive!

“I Spy” with a Historical Twist is just the beginning of your historical adventure at the Civil War Monument! Here are some additional ways to turn your visit into a fun and educational experience for your little learners:

Storytelling Under the Trees:

Pack a picnic blanket and some favorite children's books about history or local legends. Find a shady spot under a tree and read stories together. Discuss the stories and encourage your child to ask questions and imagine themselves in the past.

Textural Rubbings:

Bring along some paper and crayons and explore the textures of the different monument itself (with permission, of course!). Soldiers often marched on dirt roads, so creating rubbings from the monument can transport your child back in time and let them imagine the textures the soldiers might have felt on their journey.

For a Deeper Dive:

Feeling inspired to learn more? The Huntington Historical Society, which runs a museum in the The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building, is a treasure trove of local history.

Explore exhibits, view historical artifacts related to the Civil War and local heroes, and even participate in family-friendly programs specifically designed to engage young minds.

By combining playtime with historical exploration, you’re creating lasting memories and fostering a love of learning in your child.

Uncover the Secrets of Huntington: Your Family History Adventure Starts Now!

image courtesy of

Transforming your next family outing in Huntington, NY into a historical adventure isn’t just about memorizing dates and battles.

It’s about sparking curiosity, igniting a love of learning, and creating lasting memories together.

By incorporating historical exploration into your visit to the Civil War Monument, you’re helping your child develop critical thinking skills, appreciate the sacrifices made for our freedoms, and connect with the rich tapestry of the past.

So why not pack a picnic basket, unleash your inner detective with our “I Spy” twist, and embark on a thrilling historical treasure hunt at the Civil War Monument?

You might be surprised by the fascinating stories hidden within these symbols of bravery and sacrifice.

Huntington’s history awaits – are you ready to discover it?

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