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Your Kids Won’t Believe This Fairytale Castle on Long Island! (and it’s Perfect for Preschoolers!)

Transform your next family outing into a fairytale adventure! This guide unlocks the magic of Oheka Castle, offering tips for planning tours and sparking imaginative play. Let your stately munchkin explore a real-life castle and unleash their inner adventurer.
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Unveiling the Magic: A Fairytale Adventure at Oheka Castle with Your Preschooler

Ever dreamed of whisking your little one away to a real-life castle? Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Long Island, Oheka Castle stands as a majestic testament to a bygone era.

More than just a museum, Oheka Castle offers a unique opportunity to transform your next family outing into a magical fairytale adventure.

Imagine your child’s eyes lighting up as they explore grand halls, wander through enchanting gardens, and lose themselves in a world of knights, princesses, and hidden treasures.

A visit to Oheka Castle isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s about sparking their imagination, creating lasting memories, and offering a unique educational experience that will leave them breathless (and maybe even inspire a love of history!).

This guide will equip you with all the tips and tricks to make your visit to Oheka Castle an unforgettable adventure for both you and your little prince or princess.

Setting the Stage: The Enchantment of Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle isn’t your typical fairytale fortress. This French-style chateau, with its towering turrets, manicured lawns, and sprawling gardens, exudes a grandeur that will transport you and your little explorer to a different time.

Built in 1919 by financier Otto Kahn, Oheka Castle was once a luxurious private residence, boasting over 100 rooms and a rich history.

Today, it stands as a remarkable example of the Gilded Age, a time of immense wealth and architectural extravagance.

But Oheka Castle’s charm goes beyond its impressive facade. Step outside, and you’ll be greeted by lush gardens, perfect for a game of hide-and-seek amongst the trees. Imagine your child running through these expansive grounds, pretending to be a valiant knight rescuing a damsel in distress (or perhaps a mischievous jester chasing butterflies!).

The possibilities for imaginative play are endless within the enchanting walls and grounds of Oheka Castle.

Planning Your Royal Quest: Logistics at Oheka Castle

Now that you’re ready to embark on your fairytale adventure, here are some key logistical details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Oheka Castle with your little one.

Booking Your Adventure

  • Guided Tours: Public tours are available year-round and provide a fascinating glimpse into the castle’s history and architecture. Tours typically last for one hour and are perfect for families with children ages 5 and above. Be sure to check the Oheka Castle website ( for current tour schedules and pricing, as they may vary by season.
  • Dining at The Ohk Bar & Restaurant: Treat yourselves to a delicious meal with a majestic backdrop by making a reservation at The Ohk Bar & Restaurant located within the castle. While dining doesn’t offer the same historical exploration as a tour, it’s a fantastic option for families who want to experience the castle’s ambiance in a more relaxed setting. Reservations can be made online through OpenTable or by calling the restaurant directly.

Dress Code

While there’s no strict formal wear required, Oheka Castle suggests dressing in “country club casual” attire for both tours and dining reservations. This means comfortable yet put-together clothing that respects the historical significance of the location. Think nice slacks or a skirt with a collared shirt or sweater for adults, and comfortable pants or a dress with a cardigan for children.

Additional Notes

  • Outside food or beverages are not permitted on the premises, with the exception of bottled water. Food and drinks can be purchased at The Ohk Bar & Restaurant.
  • Oheka Castle is stroller accessible, but some areas within the castle may have limited space. It’s always best to check with staff beforehand if you have any concerns.
  • While exploring the castle grounds, remember to stay on designated pathways and supervise children closely near water features or uneven terrain.

By planning ahead and keeping these details in mind, you can ensure your visit to Oheka Castle is a delightful and memorable experience for the whole family.

Keeping Your Little Royalty Engaged

Let’s face it, keeping a preschooler captivated during a one-hour castle tour can feel like scaling a dragon-guarded mountain. But fear not, brave adventurer! With a few creative strategies, you can transform that tour into a magical adventure that will spark your child’s imagination and keep them engaged throughout.

Here are some tips to ensure your little knight or princess stays enchanted during your Oheka Castle exploration:

Before the Tour

While there’s no strict formal wear required, Oheka Castle suggests dressing in “country club casual” attire for both tours and dining reservations. This means comfortable yet put-together clothing that respects the historical significance of the location. Think nice slacks or a skirt with a collared shirt or sweater for adults, and comfortable pants or a dress with a cardigan for children.

Before the Tour

Important Tips to Remember

By incorporating these tips, you can turn the castle tour into a fun and engaging experience for your preschooler, even with their short attention span. The goal is to create lasting memories, not force an educational experience.

The Power of Imagination: Educational Benefits of Storytelling

Fairytales and imaginative stories aren’t just whimsical entertainment for children; they’re powerful tools for learning and development. (Storytelling actually produces more brain activity in children than reading picture books!)

By weaving tales of brave knights, mischievous dragons, and enchanted castles, we spark a child’s curiosity, ignite their creativity, and open doors to a world of possibilities.

Here are just a few educational benefits of imaginative storytelling:

  • Language Development:

    Stories expose children to new vocabulary, sentence structures, and storytelling techniques. As they listen and engage with these tales, they develop their own communication skills and learn to express themselves creatively.

  • Fostering Creativity:

    Imaginative stories encourage children to think outside the box, come up with their own narratives, and explore different scenarios. This not only sparks their creativity but also helps them develop problem-solving skills.

  • Sparking Historical Curiosity:

    When stories are set in historical contexts, like a grand castle, they can pique a child's interest in the past. Suddenly, history isn't a collection of dates and names but a world filled with fascinating characters, customs, and adventures waiting to be discovered.

Connecting the Dots: Storytelling at Oheka Castle

Now, let’s bring this concept to life at Oheka Castle. The castle itself is a tangible piece of history, whispering stories of its past residents and grand events.

By weaving your own fairytales or incorporating details from the castle’s actual history into your storytelling, you can transform it from a museum exhibit into a vibrant and engaging learning experience for your child.

Imagine turning a suit of armor into a valiant knight protecting the castle, or transforming a grand staircase into the setting for a royal ball.

Storytelling breathes life into history, making it relatable and sparking a curiosity in your child that a simple tour might not achieve on its own.

So, the next time you explore Oheka Castle, pack your imagination along with your sense of adventure – the possibilities for learning and fun are endless.

Fairytale Fun: Inspiring Imagination Through Play

Oheka Castle isn’t just a place to learn about history; it’s a springboard for imaginative adventures! With its grand architecture, sprawling grounds, and rich history, the castle becomes a canvas for your child’s creativity.

Here are some ideas to spark imaginative play and turn your visit into a truly unforgettable experience:

  • Dress Up for Adventure:

    Pack your child's favorite knight or princess costume and let them transform into a character from their own fairytale. As they explore the castle grounds, they can imagine themselves rescuing damsels in distress (or perhaps wayward stuffed animals!), jousting with invisible foes, or attending a royal ball under the trees.

  • Knights & Dragons:

    A Story Comes Alive: Recall a story you read together about knights and dragons, or create your own simple tale. Let the castle grounds become the setting for this epic adventure. Your child can be the brave knight facing a fearsome (but ultimately friendly) dragon hidden behind a large tree, or perhaps they're a princess on a quest to find a magical herb in the castle gardens. By bringing stories to life, you're not only encouraging imaginative play but also strengthening the bond you share through storytelling.

  • Royal Roles:

    Assign yourselves different royal roles for the day! You can be the wise King or Queen, your child can be the curious Prince or Princess, and other family members can be loyal knights, mischievous jesters, or even royal chefs (imagining a grand feast being prepared in the castle kitchen).

  • Storytelling Statues:

    As you explore different rooms in the castle, take turns striking a pose and creating a "storytelling statue." Freeze in place as a brave knight ready for battle, a graceful princess lost in thought, or a mischievous jester about to pull a prank. Then, take turns creating stories around each other's statues, letting your imaginations run wild.

Remember, the key is to embrace your child’s imagination and follow their lead. The possibilities for imaginative play at Oheka Castle are endless, so relax, have fun, and let the fairytales unfold!

Unforgettable Adventures: Weaving Your Own Fairytale at Oheka Castle

The magic of Oheka Castle extends far beyond the walls and grounds. The stories and history you encounter here can spark endless imagination, not just during your visit, but long after you return home.

Here, we present a couple of classic fairytale templates set within the enchanting world of Oheka Castle. These stories are just starting points – the real adventure lies in personalizing them with details about your own little adventurer!

Before you embark on these fairytale adventures, here are a few tips:

Now, get ready to unleash your imagination and embark on some unforgettable adventures with your little prince or princess at Oheka Castle!

The Princess & The Case of the Missing Royal Cupcakes

Once upon a time, nestled in the kingdom of Huntington that overflowed with the yummiest cupcakes and the cuddliest stuffed bunnies imaginable, lived a princess named [Child’s Name].

Unlike other princesses who dreamt of grand balls and sparkly tiaras, Princess [Child’s Name] had a heart that thumped with excitement for [unique hobby/interest].

Her eyes sparkled like [eye color] jewels, and her hair cascaded down her shoulders in waves of [hair color].

This little princess wasn’t just any princess; she was a ball of sunshine with a laugh that could brighten even the gloomiest day!

One sunny morning, as Princess [Child’s Name] was practicing her [unique hobby/interest], a strange wind whipped through the kingdom of Huntington. It wasn’t a playful breeze that tickled your nose, but a loud, howling wind that sent butterflies scattering and cupcakes tumbling off bakery shelves!

The wind howled and whistled its way through Oheka Castle’s kitchen, causing a terrible commotion. When the dust settled, the Royal Baker, with a flour-dusted face and a worried frown, announced the most dreadful news: all the kingdom’s delicious cupcakes had vanished!

The Royal Ball, scheduled for that very evening, was in jeopardy. Without the famous cupcake tower, the celebration wouldn’t be the same!

The King and Queen declared a state of emergency. Whoever could solve the mystery of the missing cupcakes and bring them back in time for the ball would be rewarded with a trip to the magical land of [reward – a land filled with sweets, a land with fluffy animals, etc.].

Princess [Child’s Name]‘s smile vanished faster than a soap bubble on a windy day.

Cupcakes were her favorite treat, and the idea of the kingdom going without them was simply unbearable!

But then, her chin jutted out in determination. A princess without cupcakes was one thing, but a princess who didn’t help solve a problem? Never!

Remembering the stories her grandmother told of brave knights and curious fairies, Princess [Child’s Name] knew she had to find those missing cupcakes.

With a sparkle in her eye, she grabbed her trusty [unique item], a [describe the item – a magnifying glass decorated with glitter, a teddy bear that talks in riddles, etc.]. This special companion would surely help her on her adventure!

She announced to her worried parents, the King and Queen, “Don’t worry, Royal Parents! I will find those cupcakes and save the Royal Ball!”

With a determined nod and a backpack full of [three favorite snacks], Princess [Child’s Name] set off on a quest to find the missing cupcakes and restore sweetness to the kingdom of Huntington.

As Princess [Child’s Name] skipped through the gates of Oheka Castle, the once familiar path seemed different. The wind still whispered secrets through the leaves, and the usually playful squirrels seemed on edge.

Suddenly, a flash of [bright color] caught her eye. It was a tiny butterfly, unlike any she’d seen before. Its wings shimmered with the same [bright color] as the missing cupcakes, and it fluttered excitedly towards a hidden path behind a towering oak tree.

Intrigued, the princess munched on a quick [favorite snack] for energy and, clutching her trusty [unique item], followed the butterfly down the overgrown path.

The sunlight barely reached the forest floor, casting long, twisting shadows. The air hummed with the chirping of unseen insects, and Princess [Child’s Name] couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down her spine.

Yet, the thought of the disappointed faces at the Royal Ball and the empty cupcake tower spurred her on.

After what felt like an eternity, the path opened into a hidden clearing. In the center stood a small, brightly colored cottage, unlike anything the princess had ever seen. Smoke curled from its chimney, and the sweet aroma of [favorite cupcake flavor] filled the air.

Could this be the source of the missing cupcakes?

With a deep breath and a determined glint in her [eye color] eyes, Princess [Child’s Name] marched towards the cottage.

As she reached the door, a tiny voice squeaked, “Who dares disturb the Cupcake Cottage?” The princess peeked through the tiny window and saw a sight that made her gasp.

Inside, a grumpy-looking gnome with a flour-dusted beard was busily decorating cupcakes that looked exactly like the missing ones!

“Excuse me, Mr. Gnome,” Princess [Child’s Name] said politely. “Why have you taken all the cupcakes from the kingdom?”

The gnome grumbled, “Those lazy bakers wouldn’t share their secret recipe! I simply wanted to create cupcakes so delicious they would rival the sunrise!”

The princess understood. She loved a good recipe too! So, instead of getting angry, she offered a solution.

“Mr. Gnome, how about we make a deal? You share your recipe with the Royal Baker, and together you can bake the most delicious cupcakes the kingdom has ever seen!”

The gnome, surprised by the princess’s kindness, scratched his beard thoughtfully. Finally, with a smile, he agreed.

Together, the princess and the gnome returned to Oheka Castle with a basket overflowing with the most scrumptious cupcakes anyone had ever tasted.

The Royal Ball was a resounding success, with everyone praising the princess’s bravery and cleverness.

Princess [Child’s Name] even learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, the most delicious things come from sharing and working together.

From that day on, Princess [Child’s Name] was known throughout the kingdom as the Cupcake Princess, not just for her love of the sweet treat, but for her kindness and her ability to solve problems with a smile.

As for the gnome? He became the Royal Baker’s best friend, and their cupcakes became legendary, bringing joy and sweetness to the kingdom of Huntington for years to come.

The Young Knight & The Quest for the Golden Heart

Once upon a time, in a land filled with enchanting forests, towering mountains, and sparkling rivers, there lived a young knight named [Child’s Name].

This was no ordinary knight; at the tender age of [Child’s Age] years, [Child’s Name] had [Eye Color] eyes that shimmered in the light of the sun and wore a magnificent [Favorite Color] cloak that shimmered in the sunlight, representing their bravery and kind heart.

In the peaceful kingdom of Huntington, [Child’s Name] lived in a beautiful castle called Oheka Castle, known for its beautiful gardens and friendly folk.

Despite the tranquility of their home, [Child’s Name] longed for adventure, dreaming of exploring the mysteries that lay beyond their village borders.

One bright and clear morning, a mysterious figure approached [Child’s Name] as they tended to the garden. It was the kingdom’s wise old wizard, known for his knowledge of ancient lore and magic.

With a twinkle in his eye, he handed [Child’s Name] an old, rolled parchment sealed with a golden wax emblem.

[Child’s Name], the time has come for you to embark on a journey unlike any other,” the wizard said, his voice echoing with a sense of urgency and excitement.

“This map will lead you to a hidden treasure, long lost and waiting to be found. It is a treasure of great power and beauty, said to bring happiness and prosperity to the land.”

[Child’s Name]‘s heart raced with excitement. This was the adventure they had been dreaming of!

With a determined smile, [Child’s Name] replied, “Yes, I will. For the adventure and the chance to bring joy to our kingdom, I accept this quest!”

And so, with the mysterious map in hand, and plenty of his favorite snack [Favorite Snack] to fuel him along the way, [Child’s Name] prepared to step into a world of adventure, unknown challenges, and magical discoveries.

Little did they know, the journey ahead would teach them about the greatest treasure of all.

Armed with the ancient map, [Child’s Name] embarked on their quest from the kingdom of Huntington.

Their path wound through whispering forests, over towering mountains, and across tranquil lakes, each step filled with the thrill of discovery and the test of courage.

The first challenge was a rickety bridge over a deep chasm.

Summoning their courage, [Child’s Name] crossed with cautious steps, their bravery shining as brightly as the morning sun.

This act taught them the power of facing fears head-on.

Next, in the enchanted forest, a crossroads tested [Child’s Name]‘s intuition.

Choosing a path led them to a magical compass in a moonlit clearing, guiding them not north, but toward their heart’s true desire.

The journey’s peak came in a vast desert. Here, [Child’s Name] navigated by the stars, their perseverance turning shifting sands into a path forward.

Each step in the desert was a lesson in patience and determination, proving that true bravery is in persisting despite the unknown.

Finally, as twilight painted the sky, [Child’s Name] arrived at the Whispering Woods, where the treasure lay hidden.

At the heart of the woods stood a grand oak, beneath which a hidden door awaited, leading to the final leg of their quest and the greatest discovery of all.

As [Child’s Name] pushed open the ancient door beneath the grand oak, they entered a chamber that glowed with an ethereal light.

The walls were carved with symbols of courage, wisdom, and kindness—the very virtues [Child’s Name] had embodied throughout their quest.

In the center of the chamber, on a pedestal of stone, rested the treasure they had sought: a simple, golden heart.

[Child’s Name] approached the pedestal, the golden heart shimmering in the chamber’s mystical light.

As they reached out, the room filled with a warm, embracing glow, and [Child’s Name] suddenly understood—the treasure was not a wealth of gold or jewels, but the discovery of their own courage, the friendships formed, and the journey itself.

Returning to kingdom of Huntington with the golden heart, [Child’s Name] realized the true treasure was the journey’s lessons and the joy of adventure.

The village celebrated their bravery and wisdom, not for the wealth they had sought but for the courage and kindness they brought back.

[Child’s Name] shared their tales, emphasizing that the greatest treasures were the challenges overcome and the friendships made.

The golden heart was placed just outside of Oheka Castle, a symbol of hope and the adventures that lie within us all. [Child’s Name] understood now that true adventure was about the journey and the discovery of our own strengths and virtues.

Looking forward, [Child’s Name] saw endless possibilities, their heart filled with dreams of new quests, knowing the real adventures are those that bring us closer to ourselves and to each other.

Let's Go Exploring: Hitting the Trails with Your Little Adventurer

Ever since stories were first shared around flickering campfires, dragons have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike.

These powerful, mythical creatures spark a sense of wonder and adventure, and their presence in children’s literature is as old as storytelling itself. From friendly companions to fearsome foes, dragons come in all shapes and sizes, offering endless possibilities for exciting tales.

Here at The Anne Brower School, we know the importance of fostering a love of reading and storytelling in our students. So, after your enchanting visit to Oheka Castle, why not curl up with your little one and explore some of these captivating dragon-filled books together?

Reading not only fosters a love of language and storytelling, but it can also take you both on thrilling adventures, right from the comfort of your own home!

The Happily Ever After: Making Memories at Oheka Castle

If you’re looking for an adventure for you and your little one in Huntington, NY, a trip to Oheka Castle is a delightful and unique opportunity to create lasting memories and spark a love of history and storytelling in your child.

From exploring the grand halls to weaving fairytales within the castle walls, Oheka Castle offers a unique blend of learning and imaginative play.

This guide has equipped you with tips for planning your visit, engaging your little explorer, and using storytelling to bring the castle’s history to life. Remember, the key is to embrace your child’s imagination and let them lead the way.

So, pack your sense of adventure, unleash your creativity, and get ready to embark on your own fairytale adventure at Oheka Castle. Who knows, maybe your visit will inspire a lifelong love of history, or perhaps even a budding novelist in the making!

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