Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fairs Have Been Promoting a Love of Books Since 1981!

Most of us likely remember our schools hosing an annual Scholastic Book Fair. It was an exciting and special day, and it felt great getting to choose the exact book that you wanted!

We’re excited to offer our students a similar experience! It can be empowering for young readers to choose what they read without influence from parents or guardians. And unlike at a library, the books you get at the Book Fair are yours to keep!

One of the most precious things you can give a child is a love of learning and central to that is a love of reading. At this stage in your child’s development reading together promotes a sense of security and intimacy. It encourages creativity and imagination, and it teaches them about themselves and the world around them. Reading books to your little one also contributes to their ability to imagine what it’s like to be someone else and how that must feel, which lays early groundwork for the development of compassion and empathy. 


Reading is a pivotal part of our everyday curriculum, and we love creating special events that involve books and learning. We’re confident that the Scholastic Book Fair will remain a treasured school memory for many generations of learners to come and we’re proud to be a part of this tradition. 

Please look forward to our next Scholastic Book Fair happening in conjunction with our Annual Family Picnic!

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